Mommy and Me sessions

So, I did something a little different this round. I love family sessions but sometimes a mommy and me session is just what the doctor ordered to capture those extra special moments! These little ones have such amazing moms and you can never take away the bond they will always have with each other.

So the first little session included Jenni and her little one Aubree. I just so happen to work with Jenni, which means I get to see the little munchkin once a week in all of her silliness! But with one quick glance, you can see that Aubree is a spitting image of her gorgeous mom. From the color of her hair and eyes straight down to her spunk, you know that she is Jenni’s little Shugs.

The next mommy and me session included Sara and her sassy little girl Addyson and adventurous little boy Jaxen. These kids are just everywhere! Jaxen is constantly going non-stop and Addyson is never to far behind. They truly get into everything there is but his sister is the Ying to his yang and always there to protect him. I know it’s being a parent isn’t the easiest job but these mommas have done such an amazing job and I can’t wait to see these kiddos grow up into amazing young adults.

Jenni (4) Jenni (2) Jenni (3) Untitled-1 Sara (4) family-17 Untitled-2 Sara (5)

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