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North Texas LGBTQ Wedding Network


Episode 1: LGBTQ Couple Panel

How did you find your vendors? 1:30

Was there anything in particular you where looking for when searching for vendors? 3:20

LGBTQ friendly verbiage on social media and sites 5:15

Vendor stories 8:25

LGBTQ friendly and non-friendly vendor list? 14:50

what where the top 3 vendors you booked first? 17:45

When booking your vendors and looking at the contracts, did any of the verbiage feel un-inclusive in any way or prevent you from booking that particular vendor? Is it offensive if the questionnaire states bride/groom even though the system can not be changed? I would love some feedback on how we can make the suites more inclusive or at least describe what we can do for their event so both suites are comfortable spaces for them and their wedding parties. 19:45 26:00

Is it offensive if a vendor accidentally says bride/groom, bridal party, or Mr/Mrs.? 23:17

Continuing with verbiage. Lots of vendors even though they are an ALLY do not know how to go about the correct verbiage. What tips do ya’ll have for vendors for this? 33:00

If there was one thing from your wedding or wedding planning that you could have change, what would it be? 40:00

If there was one thing from your wedding or wedding planning that you loved, what would it be? 43:50

Wedding attire/missing out on the dress/suit moment 44:00

Any tips for couples who are planning or questions you may have? 57:20